Biomaterials Technology Research Groups (BTRG)

5J6W0084-02BTRG Members 2018/2019

The BTRG interest includes many areas related to dental materials used in the clinical field such as operative techniques, endodontics, fixed and removable prosthodontic, maxillofacial prosthodontics, oral & maxillofacial surgery and oral implantology.

Summary and Principal Aims
Research scope includes the development and investigation of various mechanical & physical properties of biomaterials in relation to dentistry. It also includes research on the effects of different conditions (pH, environment, substances) to biomaterials. The scope includes Prosthodontic, Operative Techniques and Biomaterials Testing within the laboratory with simulated clinical settings.

The group research includes :

  • Investigation of Mechanical
  • Physical and Biological properties of Biomaterials in relation to dentistry and their further development.

The material testing is performed within the laboratory with simulated clinical settings.

Area of Interest
The group interest includes many areas related to of Biomaterial used in the clinical field such as Fixed and Removable Prosthodontic, Maxillofacilal Prosthodontics, Operative Techniques, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Oral Implantology.

Summary of current research activities: 

  • Effect of food simulating liquids on tooth coloured restorative materials: a dynamic and static characterisation by: Dr. Noor Azlin Yahya
  • Physical properties and dimensional accuracy of removable partial denture metal framework fabricated using rapid prototyping: An in-vitro study by: Prof. Dr. Norsiah Yunus
  • Evaluation of biological tissue regeneration in response to mechanical stress created by anisotropic hydrogel tissue expander by: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zamri Radzi
  • The effect of photofunctionalization on the dental implant materials and tissue contour at the peri-implant tissue interface by: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chai Wen Lin
  • The efficiency of removing bioceramic sealer using ultrasonic instruments: A micro-computed tomography comparison by: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zeti Adura Che Abd Aziz
  • Development of the new coating on veneered zirconia substrate and evaluate their bonding and mechanical properties by: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eshamsul Sulaiman
  • Effects of food-simulating liquids on surface properties of direct, indirect and CADCAM composites by: Dr. Selva Malar Munusamy
  • Investigation of the mechanism of bioactive glass incorporation into functionally graded hydroxyapatite-titanium dental posts by: Dr. Muralithran G. Kutty and Dr. Noor Azlin Yahya
  • The effect of curing light distance on the effectiveness of cure of bulk-fill composite resins by: Dr. Maria Angela Garcia Gonzalez and Dr. Noor Azlin Yahya
  • Effect of optical coherence tomography on initial enamel erosion by: Dr. Azwatee Abdul Aziz
  • Effects of cellulose form of oil palm empty fruit bunch (opefb) fiber reinforcement on the flexural and impact strength of denture base resin by: Dr.Jacob John Chiremel Chandy
  • Penetration of resin infiltrant in naturally occurring early enamel lesions using optical coherence tomography by: Dr. Prema Sukumaran
  • Evaluation of flowable composite as liners on internal adaptation of bulk-fill composite restoration by: Dr Ros Anita Omar
  • Effect of different cooling methods on dimensional changes of a commercially available rapid heat cured acrylic resin by: Dr. Lim Ghee Seong
  • Candida adherence and cleansers effect on the physical properties of thermoplastic resin by: Dr. Nosizana Mohd Salleh
  • Bond strength of porcelain to a millable pre-sintered metal alloy with and without the use of a bonding agent by: Dr. Yeoh Oon Take

Research Group Leader 

Dr. Noor Azlin Yahya

Contact details 

For further information, please contact us:
Biomaterials Technology Research Group (BTRG)
Faculty of Dentistry, University of Malaya,
50603 Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA
Fax: +603-79676456

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