7th November 2016


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The program is organized with the aim of familiarize the Faculty student with research environment encompassing research management & laboratories. Student will be exposed with the Faculty research laboratory facilities, services and available equipment. Introduction of research publication and involvement of DRMC in research management slot will provide overview of current dental research scenario.

This program giving a great opportunity for the student to learn, expose and enjoy research world with interactive way by joining quizzes, hands-on, lucky draw, booth sales, public lecture and a lot more activities organized by different labs & DRMC.
This program will be a platform for the Faculty to attract undergraduate student to conduct research and further study at the Faculty.

THEME : Learn. Expose. Enjoy

Learn – learn lab procedure, research publication and any knowledge related to research.
Expose – expose to research lab facilities, equipment and services available and familiar with lab staff to facilitate future research project.
Enjoy – student will get opportunity to join quizzes, hands-on, lucky draw and public lecture from experience Faculty researcher.





Ish – LU:11.10.16