We offer a research services that is focus on tissue sectioning and staining. As well as a limited research on early diagnosis of Oral Cancer by using Thin Prep Auto Smear method and Cytology Imaging Machine(ClearCyte System). In order to facilitate analysis of a researcher we provide them facilities such as Microscope (Fluorescent or Non-Fluorescent), Digital tissue scanning, and Laser Capture Microdissection.

Lab Equipment

  1. Digital Scanning System Model: Pannoramic Desk
  2. Hisky Complete System (Model: Applied Spectral Imaging)
  3. Laser Capture Microdissection
  4. Fluorescent Microscope (Model: Olympus BX61)
  5. Binocular Microscope (Model: Nikon Eclipse E200)
  6. Trinocular Microscope (Model: Nikon Eclipse 50i)
  7. Microtome (Model: Leica RM2045 & RM2035)
  8. Cryostat (Model: Leica CM1850uv)
  9. Cytospin (Model: Shandon 4)
  10. Microwave Processor (Model: Labpulse 2850)
  11. Shaking Water Bath
  12. Thin Prep Auto Smear (Model: TP 2000)
  13. Tissue Arrayer Minicore (Model: Alphelys)
    1. For Analysis (Without Fluorescent)
    2. Fluorescent
  14. Centrifuge (Brand : Kubota)
  15. Magnetic Stirrer (Brand : Biosan)
  16. Vortex (Brand: Biosan)
  17. Semi Micro Balance (Brand : Sartorius)
  18. Vacuum Pump (Brand: Cole Parmer)

Microtome (Sectioning Tissue) – (Model: Leica RM2045 & RM2035)
Cryostat (Frozen Tissue Sectioning)
Thin Prep Auto Smear (Prepare Slides)
Slide scanning services (3DHistech digital slide scanner)
Microtome (Tissue sectioning) – (Model: Leica RM2045 & RM2035)
Cryostat (Frozen Tissue Sectioning)
Thin Prep Auto Smear (Slide preparation)
Hematoxylin & Eosin Stain (H&E)
Papanicolaou Stain

Dr. Zuraiza Mohamad Zaini (Lab Coordinator)
Pn.Intan Suhana Hamid (Science Officer)
En. Farid Aizat bin Mohamed (Medical Lab Technologist)
Pn. Nurul Khairyah Abas (Assistant Science Offficer)

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Research & Diagnostic Laboratory (RDL),
Level 6, Postgraduate and Research Tower,
Faculty of Dentistry, University of Malaya,
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