Oral Pathology Diagnostic and Research Laboratory provide specialized diagnosis services for histopathology mouth at the Faculty of Dentistry. The lab also operates services for the teaching
of undergraduate and postgraduate students in the field of Oral Pathology and Oral Medicine and involved in research related to disease pathology mouth.

Lab Equipment
1. Image Analyzer Workstation
2. Software: Image Pro Plus Version 6.3
3. Precision Cutting System (Model: Exact)
4. Immunohistochemistry (Microwave, Decloaking Chamber, Micropipettes, Weighing Balance & Ph Meter)
5. Ultra Low Freezer (Model: Panasonic)
6. Pan Balance (Model: Setra)
7. Analytical Balance (Model: Sartorius)
8. Student Microscope (Model: CHK)
9. Microscope With Digital Sight Series Standalone (Model: Nikon Eclipse 50i)
10. Water Purification System
11. Model: Elga
12. Water Quality: 15 Ohms
13. Digital Scanning System (Model: Olympus Dot Slide)
14. Cryostat (Model: Leica CM1900)
15. Ph Meter (Model: Cyberscan)

1. Exact Precision Cutting System
i. Processing + Cutting + Grinding + Polishing
ii. Processing + Cutting
iii. Cutting
iv. Cutting + Grinding + Polishing

  1. Processing of Sample & Embedding
  2. Microtomy
  3. Hematoxylin & Eosin Stain
  4. Papanicolaou Stain
  5. Special Stain
  6. Immunohistochemistry
  7. Cryostat (Frozen Tissue) & Direct Immunoflourescent Stain

Associate Professor Dr. Zuraiza Mohd Zaini (Laboratory Coordinator)
Pn. Rusnani Bt Kamil @ Kamal (Medical Lab Technologist)
Pn. Nor Hasilah Bt Mokhtar (Medical Lab Technologist)
En. Mohammad Yazid Bin Yahaya (Medical Lab Technologist)
Pn. Shahira Bt Omar (Medical Lab Technologist)
En. Mohd Khairil Bin Roslan (Medical Lab Technologist)
Pn. Lini Elyna Ali (Assistant Science Officer)
En. Zulkarnain Bin Alias (Pembantu Perawatan Kesihatan)

 Telephone: 03-79674815
 Email:

Oral Pathology Diagnostic and Research Laboratory (OPDRL),
Block B, Level 2,
Faculty of Dentistry

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