Craniofacial & Molecular Biology Research Laboratory (CMBRL) offers research facilities focused on DNA and RNA analysis, gene expression and genotyping analysis, protein detection, stem cell and tissue culture. We also offer services for RNA quantity and quality check using Bioanalyzer (Agilent 2100) and DNA extraction using Automated DNA Extractor (Model : QIACUBE).

Lab Equipment :

1. Basic equipment: vortex, rock-it platform rocker, autoclave, analytical balance, pH

meter, water bath, ice maker, drying oven, hot plate magnetic stirrer, incubator 30°C –

70°C , micropipettes, thermomixer.

2. Fast Real Time PCR System (Model : Applied Biosystem 7500)

3. Thermal Cycler (Model : ABI-Veriti & ABI PCR2720)

4. DNA/RNA UV Cleaner Box (Model : Biosan UVT-S-AR)

5. Airstream PCR Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet (Model : Esco Airstream EM822.1 )

6. MultiDoc-it Digital Imaging System with M-20 Transilluminator (Model : UVP-M20V)

7. Incubator Orbital Shaker (Model : Stuart,UK S1500)

8. Nanodrop Spectrophotometer (Model : ND 2000)

9. Trinocular Microscope  (Model : Nikon TS 100)

10. Thermobrite Slide Denaturation / Hybridization System (Model : Abbott Molecular)

11. Microplate Reader (Model : Tecan Infinite M200 Pro)

12. Freezer -80°C (Model : Sanyo & Thermo Scientific)

13. Biomedical Freezer  -30°C (Model : Sanyo MDF U537)

14. Biomedical Freezer  -20°C (Model : Sanyo & Cool Lab)

15. Refrigerator (Model : LG / Sanyo / Samsung / Sharp

16. Concentrator (Model : Eppendorf)

17. Odyssey FC Imaging System (Model : Li-COR)

18. Trans-Blot Turbo Starter System (Model : BIORAD-LS)

19. CO2 Incubator (Model :  New Brunswick Galaxy & Binder)

20. Biosafety Cabinet Class II (Model : ESCO & LABOGENE)

21. MicroElectrode Array (Model : Multichannel Systems)

22. Research Inverted Microscope with fluorescent set (Model : Leica DMI3000B)

23. Centrifuges: For microcentrifuge tube, 15 ml tube, 50 ml tube, 96 well plate.


1. Bioanalyzer (Model: Agilent 2100)

2. Automated DNA Extractor (Model : QIACUBE)


Prof Ian Charles Paterson (Lab Coordinator)

Pn. Junaida @ Maimunah Hassan Basari (Science Officer)
Pn. Intan Syaheera Abdul Hamid (Medical Lab Technologist)
Pn Nuzaimah Ideris (Assistant Science Officer)

Tel : 03-7967 6461

Craniofacial & Molecular Biology Research Laboratory,
Level 7, Postgraduate and Research Tower,
Faculty of Dentistry, University of Malaya,
50603, Kuala Lumpur.

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