Stamp_Official DRMC

DRMC Objective:
To strengthen the quality of research & centralizing research activities & management
Established August 2011
6th Floor, Postgraduate & Research Tower, Faculty of Dentistry, UM
Monitor and supervise by Faculty Deputy Dean (Research & Development)

– Accreditation of research lab – ISO 17025 (Fully Automated Vickers Hardness Tester – shidmadzu)
– Inter cluster periodic meeting
– Enhance collaboration
– Look for industry based funding



Ethics Approval Application

  • Apply to research project related to dental subject conducted in Faculty or by dental researchers
  • Committee meeting – 4 times/ year
  • Committee member representatives – Ministry of Health, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Medicine etc.

Research Grant

  • Application: PPPC & PPP (Evaluated by Faculty Research Committee Members)
  • Other grant – submission of progress report, related research application, etc.

Research Procurement

  • Process – purchasing, reimbursement, payment, honororium etc.
  • Procurement related to all research grant, research lab, DRMC activities

Research Centre & Groups

  • Plan research group activities, publish papers, seek for research funding/ grant
  • Meeting 4x/year
  • Share new idea/ proposal

Research Report & Publication

  • Reporting research output in Faculty meeting monthly
  • – grant, publication, activities, pattern, awards
  • Virtual networking program – increase academician h-index, citation, monitoring ISI
  • Publish Research & Publication Book Annually

Research Activities

  • Sandwich One-to-Two
  • Tea with Experts
  • Public Lecture
  • Research Day
  • DRMC open day
  • Grant Writing Workshop
  • RA programme
  • Laboratory Demonstration

Research Website

  • Introduction of DRMC
  • Access to DRMC research form
  • List of research activities
  • Statistical class online booking
  • Question/ feedback related to DRMC

Research Assistant

  • Consultation & management of RA registration & recruitment, GRAS, Visa application, extension etc.
  • Preparation of RA campus card
  • Honororium & salary payment
  • Updating RA database
  • Activation access card

Research Laboratories

  • 5 Research Lab – CMBRL, RDL, BRL, OPDRL, BUARL
  • DRMC monitor & manage equipment & instrument maintenance, purchasing common item & new lab equipment/ furniture, lab user, lab record book etc.
  • Meeting 4x /year
  • Services – equipment usage/ sample preparation

HIR (MoE) Dentistry Secretariat

  • Process application, procurement & Human Capital management
  • 24 research project (3 cycle)
  • Monitoring of progress report & project KPI achievement

Faculty Bright Sparks Committee

  • Evaluate registration of new Bright Sparks candidate
  • Evaluate progress report submitted by Bright Sparks candidate